Areas of practice

Public Services: Concessions, Permissions, Authorizations And Public-Private Partnerships

Assistance to national and foreign investors interested in participating in public tenders and in operating public services in the country under the legal regimes of concession, permission, authorization or public-private partnership.

Advice on the presentation, modeling of projects and preparation of studies to be used in public-private partnerships.

Orientation regarding rules and regulations applicable to the various types of public services.

Assistance in setting up companies, joint ventures, consortiums and partnerships to participate in bidding procedures.

Examination of documentation to satisfy the conditions set in invitations to bid and presentation of appeals in public tenders.

Consulting and negotiation with the competent authorities regarding public services.

Analysis and negotiation with customers and consumers regarding construction contracts and provision of products or services under concession, permission, authorization or public-private partnership.

Assistance to companies holding concession, permission or authorization to render public services in operations to finance works and projects, as well as on matters of public, constitutional and environmental law and applicable rules.