Areas of practice

Antitrust Law And Economic Regulation

Representation of clients with all the entities forming the Brazilian antitrust system: Secretariat of Economic Law of the Ministry of Justice (SDE), Secretariat of Economic Oversight of the Ministry of Finance (SEAE) and Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE).

Representation of clients in administrative proceedings involving economic concentration, investigation of anticompetitive practices by the antitrust authorities and regulatory agencies, as well as in judicial proceedings involving competition questions.

Application for approval of mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures by the antitrust authorities and opposition to those carried out by competitors.

Complaints of anticompetitive practices to the antitrust authorities and regulatory agencies.

Consultation regarding corporate and contractual operations in light of antitrust legislation and preventive analysis of commercial policies, advertising campaigns, contracts and intellectual property regarding competition law risks.

Orientation in antitrust compliance programs.

Legal studies and opinions in the areas of acquisitions, commercial transactions, intellectual property, dumping investigations, subsidies and safeguards.

Representation of clients in administrative and judicial proceedings involving regulated markets such as drugs, telecommunications, oil & gas, transportation, sanitation and water.