Areas of practice

Tax Law

Orientation to individuals and companies on the interpretation and application of federal, state and local tax rules.

Assistance in the tax aspects of setting up new businesses and investments in Brazil, as well as in corporate reorganization processes such as merger, consolidation, split-off and liquidation of companies.

Advice on the tax aspects of project finance, transactions in the Brazilian capital market and the financial market in general.

Tax analysis of potential investments in the financial and capital markets by individuals and companies domiciled in Brazil and abroad.

Planning and studies of alternatives to enable and register foreign investments in the Brazil.

Assistance to foreign investors regarding remittance of dividends, divestment and repatriation of capital.

Representation of taxpayers in administrative and judicial proceedings involving federal, state and municipal taxes, such as requests for refund of overpayments, defense against tax assessments, mandamus petitions, declaratory suits and similar actions.

Examination of the legality and constitutionality of federal, state and municipal tax laws and regulations.

Assistance to clients interested in obtaining federal, state or local tax incentives for carrying out projects or making investments.

Support to accountants, auditors and employees of companies regarding legal questions and correct tax bookkeeping.

Study, orientation and establishment of estate plans, with the constitution of family trusts, donations and drafting of wills.

Preparation of legal opinions and studies on tax matters in general.