Areas of practice

Corporate Operations And Negotiations

Assistance to Brazilian and foreign individuals and companies in setting up service and commercial firms and organizing joint ventures, consortiums, associations, foundations and partnerships.

Drafting of articles of incorporation, bylaws, joint-venture agreements, meeting minutes and other corporate documents.

Planning and structuring business activities in general.

Corporate reorganization and legal due diligence investigation for purposes of mergers, acquisitions and split-offs.

Assistance in defining strategies on the form of acquisition and investment vehicles, including tax planning and corporate management models.

Consulting in the purchase and sale of equity stakes, industrial/commercial establishments, operational and other assets, as well as acquisition and disposal of shareholding control, minority holdings, management buy-outs, leveraged buy-outs and public share offerings.

Representation of shareholders at general meetings and other matters involving the investee companies.

Guidance to shareholders, including lawsuits, corporate governance, liability of directors and officers and disputes between shareholders.

Preparation of legal studies and opinions on corporate matters in general.